Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

For a website to sustain success and serve the purpose, it is essential to keep content up to date. The ongoing process updating content/information on the website will keep users interested and encourage frequent site usage. We understand that this is too costly to have an in-house resources or a full-time staff dedicated  to maintain the website.

To solve these problems we offer 2 comprehensive website maintenance packages:

1. MONTHLY (RETAINER) – Web Site Maintenance

From USD150 / Month

  • Priority service, shorter Turn Around (1-2 Business Days)
  • Monthly updates – Max 4 time updates per month, up to 2 man hours per updates – To update or create new HTML web pages as requested
  • Add seasonal graphics and greetings to existing pages
  • Image scanning, optimization and adding/replacement images to web sites
  • Phone / E-mail Consultations and Support
  • Min. 6 Month Contract

2. PREPAID (HOURLY CREDIT) – Web Site Maintenance

From USD50 / 10 Man-hours

  • Client need to pay upfront; No expiry date for the credits
  • Each time updates will be record, and client will be inform number of remaining Hour/Credit with us.
  • Only valid for website content updates only, except programming and new website design / layout
  • Limited to HTML and CMS website only

What we can do for 1 Man-hour

  • creation of 1 new web pages, or
  • update more than 2 pages, or
  • creations of 1 new static banner, or
  • creations of 1 flash banner, may require 2 man hours

Get following FREE Service (one time) before we start maintaining your site.

  • Review of the web site and make recommendations.
  • Validation of existing links and updating.
  • Check & Repair E-mail Forms. (one form only)
  • Others services like Hosting / E-mail address changes (if required).

How it works?

  1. Sign-up our maintenance services, an Annual Site Maintenance Contract.
  2. We will backup your site – you should not have to worry if the server crashes.
  3. Just let us know your website hosting detail with Updating instructions should be forwarded to us via e-mail, snail mail or courier service.